monero-core failed as a SE tag because its usage was not always consistent with its intended meaning. For that reason I was happy to see this pull request today from moneromooo-monero with the intention of changing (in the source code not on SE) monero-core to monero-wallet-gui

We could do the following for SE:

  1. Adopt monero-wallet-gui as a synonym for gui for questions about the "official" Monero GUI.
  2. Give jaxx and other popular 3rd party GUI wallets their own tag so it is clear what each tag refers to.

How do others feel about this? If you like this proposal do you prefer monero-wallet-gui (long but similar to our monero-wallet-cli tag) or gui as the "master" synonym?

EDIT: I like some aspects of the proposal from xmr_eric below but have a few more questions:

  1. Will the definition of official-gui and 3rd-party-gui get blurred over time if more wallets are funded by the Forum Funding System?

  2. If we wait until a 3rd party wallet receives enough questions to "earn" its its own tag, what should that threshold be?

  3. By providing specific tags to some popular 3rd party wallets such as jaxx while forcing others to use a generic 3rd-party-wallet tag will we offend any developers or make some questions harder to find? Based on the historical usage of monero-wallet-cli new gui related tags are likely to eventually become some of the most popular tags on Monero SE.

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I propose a hybrid answer, sourcing from the first two suggestions.

I think monero-wallet-gui would be the best tag for the official GUI, since it provides for basically a one-to-one correlation with monero-wallet-cli, both in the file name and the tag name.

I think third-party-wallets is a logical tag for all third-party wallets, whether GUI or not. I lean slightly in preference of spelling out third, rather than using 3rd. Then again, if the interest is in going short, then 3rd-party with no mention of wallets may be best.

I think specific tags for third-party wallets (such as jaxx) are fine and useful, as long as there are several instances of a given tag. I think it's natural for this type of forum to require periodic housekeeping, so perhaps one-time- or two-time-use tags should be purged after six months or a year or whatever. (That is, to answer the 'threshold' question, I think two or three should be the threshold, but I think the tag should be able to be generated by users with enough rep, just as tags are created otherwise; and we'll just do periodic housekeeping to clean up the stale ones.)

I will also lastly point out that some suggestions here may appear better than other partly due to the timescale involved. For example, in the future there may be value in using tags to distinguish community-funded and/or core dev-reviewed 3rd-party wallets from 3rd-party wallets that did not go through those channels. It's unclear to me exactly how much this line of thinking should weigh on the current discussion.

  • 4
    +1 "third-party-wallets" not "3rd-party-wallets"
    – user4
    Dec 22, 2016 at 19:57

What about delineating it between "official GUI" and "3rd-party GUIs"? After all, there could eventually hundreds of third party GUIs, and each one shouldn't get its own tag.

  • 1
    Why would it be a problem to have many tags to 3rd-party GUIs ? Question for a specific GUI are usually not relevant for other ones so it make sens to have specific tags.
    – Clement J.
    Dec 22, 2016 at 18:52
  • xmr_eric, i think we should never use the word "official" without naming the authority behind it (Core Official GUI). Otherwise, It feels like there is a centralized authority governing Dec 23, 2016 at 23:35

One suggestion:

  • monero-wallet-cli - meaning "core" CLI
  • monero-wallet-gui - meaning "core" GUI
  • monero-wallet-software - meaning "any wallet". Could be used together with the 1st 2 tags, or used alone for anything not "core".
  • 1
    I get an impression from the name monero-wallet-xxx that it's from the core team and xxx represents the type of the software; cli, gui and rpc represent the type of the wallet software. monero-wallet-software sounds quite strange as it doesn't fit logically well with the others. Also it doesn't carry so much of useful information since all binaries are "software" anyway.
    – kenshi84
    Dec 23, 2016 at 0:30

For what it's worth, my preference is the shorter the better. "Official Gui" anyone?

  • official-gui may be a good tag synonym but the highest voted tag suggestion is based on names from monero source code
    – user36100
    Dec 26, 2016 at 23:02

I think monero-wallet-cli and monero-core-gui are very good labels for the official software, because they also match the program name. Yesterday, I created a question for the GUI, and was literally looking for monero-wallet-gui, only to find gui so far which feels a bit too vague (because what does it mean? daemon, client, explorer, ...?).

For anything else, I'd suggest to use wallet-software or mining-software, in my opinion no need to prefix with monero- because obviously this is 99% about Monero here.

And for specific software, say if Jaxx or Exodus becomes popular, we could of course change those to jaxx-wallet or exodus-wallet, but that would likely need to be revisit on a case-by-case basis if there are enough questions to justify such a dedicated label.

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