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Is it the right time to add `atomic-swaps` tag?

There is already one question in need of such a tag. It is also worth considering adding a more specific tag, much like xmrig has its own tag, xmr-btc-swap might have its own as well. The latter would ...
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Ringsize or ring-size

Following this discussion mixin was changed to ring-size Should we change ring-size to ringsize based on this GitHub pull request? Should ring size be one ringsize or two ring-size words on Stack ...
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Mixin vs Ring Size

Historically, many SE tags have been inspired from Monero source code (see monero-wallet-cli, monero-wallet-gui, txpool and other examples). I followed the conversation related to this pull request ...
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Improving tag wikis and usage guidance

Based on the success of a similar effort on Ethereum SE lets apply the same process developed by 5chdn here. Priority List Tags used more than 25 times** These tags should have both a good usage ...
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Good Tags now save a lot of work later!

Since you are just setting out with this SE, you might appreciate to hear about my learning experience: I've been a moderator on Bitcoin.SE for more than two years now, and I have spent a lot of time ...
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