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Should the title be always a question or not?

Looking at the edited posts from contributors, I noticed that sometimes the titles are changed from affirmative to interrogative form, but many times not. I didn't find a definitive guideline in ...
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Reference Answers

Inspired by this, here is a list of frequently asked questions grouped by topic: Here are some provisional categories: What is Monero? Privacy Security Scalability Mining Daemon Command Line, ...
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How long will Monero stack-exchange remain in beta?

On the area 51 website it states that sites usually stay in beta for 90 days to gain mass. This site has been in beta for 332 days! How long will beta last?
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Let's not vote up everything, also do not reopen everything

Update: U-R-G-E-N-T! Stop upvoting crap please! This is a serious issue now. Best example of vote-brigading: Monero technology information (10 upvotes and counting) This thread is now featured until ...
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