Moneropedia is sorely lacking. I propose that each Monday, we ask questions about topics on Moneropedia, and then add the answers to it!

We could set topics to provide more focus and create really fleshed out entries, but I think keeping it generic would also work pretty well.


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I like that proposal and see benefits for both resources.

But, keep in mind that questions and answers on Stack Exchange are licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required. I see the getmonero site publishes the majority of the content under the terms of cc by 3.0.

If you find a proper way to mark the contents of the Moneropedia cc by-sa and always keep a proper attribution underneath copied content, I don't see any issues here. Though, I'd prefer a technical solution. Maintaining attributions manually could quickly become a mess.

What about just automatically importing the feed of top questions and reference them in Moneropedia instead of maintaining the wiki separately?

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    We could ask for the answerer's permission to include it in Moneropedia. The technical solution to attribution is to link each page to its GitHub entry, and make sure each commit attributes back to the original author of the content. Sep 20, 2016 at 16:08

I really like this idea, especially the focus part, though we should probably not be too strict about it. That said, I would definitely participate in MoneropediaMonday

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