Looking at the edited posts from contributors, I noticed that sometimes the titles are changed from affirmative to interrogative form, but many times not.

I didn't find a definitive guideline in https://monero.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-ask, so I'm asking here.

Should the title be always a question? Or could be the question in the body of the post?

Excuse me in advance if this is a stupid doubt.


As the StackExchange process implies, we encourage StackExchange questions in the interrogative form. Try to reserve further explanation for the full question text. In rare occasions, it may make sense for titles to be listed under "wiki style," for which a different title could be better. Nevertheless, even in most of these cases, use a question for the title if possible.

  • Clear. Thank you very much for the explanation. – cialu Jan 13 at 8:14

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